Windows 10 Update

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Windows 10 Update

Postby RyanCaleb » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:29 am

Hi everyone,

Anybody else have trouble with the last update????
My computer crashed last week after the update with no way to bring it out of a blinking start-up screen..... no restore point worked...recovery disk didn't work either..
So I bought a new one here in Mississauga, and the only thing I'll be able to save from the old one is the ram memory to double the one I purchased....
I'll do that when I get back home....
It's true that whatever yo do on a computer is recorded somewhere......

In the process o of the basic set-up of the new laptop, I had to log in to my Microsoft account...and when this thing finally booted up....
my desk-top background was the same as the old one...screensaver was the same etc....
Pity it couldn't come back with all my favorite programs......
Must be either Microsoft cloud or Acer cloud that did that did that.

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