Bridges Mini-Mota petrol drill

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Bridges Mini-Mota petrol drill

Postby autowatch » Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:55 pm

Hi guys, I was hoping for a bit of advice.....

Clearing my late father-in-laws garage recently I came across a very strange drill. The only information on it says 'Ohlssen Rice engine' but having done a bit of digging it appears to be a Bridges Mini-Mota two-stroke petrol engined drill. It's rusty and obviously hasn't been started in donkeys years (father in law died over twenty years ago and I never remember him using it) but it's complete and it would be a real shame to throw in a skip. I haven't done anything to it, not even tried to turn the engine over.

Does this have any value, either financial or historical?

I've got some pics but can't seem to upload them here for some reason, probably my fault. If someone can maybe give me some guidance I'd be happy to share them.

Thanks in advance, Dave.

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Re: Bridges Mini-Mota petrol drill

Postby Kevanf1 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:20 pm

Dave, do you still have this drill? I realise it was a couple of years ago that you posted about this but I have ony just joined myself. If you could take a look on You Tube do a search for 'Mustie1' without the quotes of course. Check out his videos as he stripped one of these drills down only a few months ago. You may find it interesting hopefully.

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